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The Dream of the Good in high school

A film by Anders Rosenberg

The Dream of the Good is introduced at YBC, the Young Business Creative High School. Exercises for peace and quiet, to find presence, stillness and concentration where the action is the most intense and creative. ​

“I have always measured my value as a person according to what I perform, how well I have been in soccer training, how well I did on the test. If it went well, then I was good, if it went badly, then I was bad. I have recently at the end of our stillness course changed attitude. Maybe I have matured as a person, I no longer see everything in black and white. To be the best is to live up to what I believe in my heart!”
- High school student, year 2

Introduction to The Dream of the Good

A film by Tommy Gärdh

Our method at work on all levels, from preschool to high school!
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Dream of the good

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